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Garbage Disposal Repair Service Aurora IL

Garbage disposers are used to grind leftover food which leaves your kitchen cleaner and free of food odors and smelly garbage cans.
The best garbage disposals are easy to install, run quietly and finely grind leftover food.
Most homeowners however use garbage disposals regularly without thinking about what can be put in it and what can’t until it breaks.
It is true that garbage disposers are meant to grind food waste, but they can and will fail at some point in time if not properly used.
Here are some common problems we see with garbage disposals:
Jammed units
Clogs units
Power failures
Poor installations done by homeowners themselves.

In most cases, garbage disposal problems are a result of poor installation, poor maintenance or misuse.
What Not to put in your garbage disposal
Garbage disposal do not handle all food waste the same way. You should never put the following items down your garbage disposal:

Potato Peels,
Egg Shells,
Rice and Pasta,

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